Pink Face with Hammond Organ Germaniums

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These handful of pedals are as unique as it gets. You get a pedal, and little history to go with it. 

The transistors in these special pedals were all pulled from a broken 60's Hammond organ. Fortunately, the transistors weren't part of why the organ wasn't working.

The germanium transistors inside were born at the Texas Instruments plant in 1963-64. We were able to get a bag of these, hand sort, and make some beautiful sounding pedals out of them.

Some would recoil in horror at the thought of using these 55 year old, incredibly sensitive transistors, after they were pulled from an old broken organ. It would be very easy to ruin them in the process, and that is a valid concern. If we hadn't tested them all, heard how great they sound, and weren't 100% confidant in their reliability, I'd prob feel the same way. But I personally (Matt) and the rest of the crew have a TON of experience with germanium transistors. A ton. So we feel 100% confident that they have many years of reliable service ahead of them, and man, its just plain cool, and they really, really, sound sweeeeeet. On top of it all, we built them up using carbon comp resistors, vintage Mullard "tropical fish" capacitors, and added an external bias knob so you can dial in and adjust your perfect tone anytime anywhere.

If there is such a thing as mojo, these are dripping with it. And just to throw a curve ball into the mix, they are all done in pink, with a pink LED.

Why pink? Well, we're all on a pink kick right now at the shop.

These will start shipping in about 10-14 days, but as usual, newsletter subscribers get first dibs!

A regular YF 60's in a custom color, custom LED, and bias knob would be $228, and thats without the trop fish and special transistors. Add those upgrades in and the retail on these will be $259.99.

But for the pre-sale, we're going to sell them for the same price as a regular YF 60's! What??? Yes. All the icing and mojo will be free until they are gone. If there are any left after the private sale, they will go to $259.99.

We have 14 of these available.


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