Just Added Monday! RED WAR Small Foot Box of War Pre Mod limited!

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Only 10 will be sold! Comes with cream and mid-flat mods.

We just added these today. After several emails from people disappointed they missed the sale items, we decided to make a limited edition Pre-Mod Box of War.

This pedal, at this discounted price, will only be available till midnight tonight!

Whether we sell all 10, or only 2, after midnight you won't be able to get one.

This is only available for this private sale. The Box of War is not yet available in the custom shop with custom colors, and certainly not modded for only $154.99.

The only difference is that these will take about 10-12 days to ship because we don't have them on the shelves.

A dirt cheap price for a beautiful, head-turning, pre-Modded pedal.


What do these mods do?

See examples of modded pedals:

The SMALL FOOT Box of War!

What is it? It is the same pedal as the full size Box of War, originally housed in a large folded steel enclosure, modified to be able to fit in a standard 125 size enclosure. That's it! Same parts, same guts, smaller size.
The “Box of War” is a true recreation of the EH “Civil War” Sov***’s. I say “true recreation” because we pride ourselves on truly digging into the vintage units we recreate and go to great lengths to duplicate all aspects of the original circuits to the best of our ability.
The tone is in the details I like to say…
Rest assured we have spared nothing in researching this rare, much-loved, but cheaply made BM pi.

Reportedly favored by David Gilmour, Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), and many others this is your chance to own a vintage recreation that is made to be beat-up.

Very closely related to the Tall Font BM’s, the Civil War’s have a bit darker and a bit fuzzier tone. Like the Tall Fonts, they’ve got less output and are less fuzzy than most other muffs but are cherished for their woody sustain and presence. These beasts became a secret weapon for many but usually required two or three back-up pedals due to the poor quality components to be sure a pro-level player could make it through a tour using one on their board.

The Box of War solves that problem. Sound, looks, and reliability.

Make one yours!