Just Listed One more! 52 min to go, there will be no more!!! Pink Elk! Not available online. SEXY!

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What do these mods do?

See examples of modded pedals:

Doing some more color experimentation and pics. This white, but pink, Elk has a pink LED and a Creamy mod.

Only 3 more will be sold!

We just added these today. After several emails from people, we decided to make a few more of these (these are not B-Stock, they are brand new). 

The only difference is that these will take about 10-12 days to ship because we don't have them on the shelves.

A dirt cheap price for a crazy Pre-Modded pedal.


A straight up killer animal!!!! Modded price would be $217.98

If you love gnarled over the top muff-tones, you cannot go wrong with this, especially with the cream mod!

For all the deets on the White Elk Small Foot, go here:

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*All B-Stock pedals are brand new. They are sold as B-Stock due to cosmetic issues only. Usually a scratch or chip in the paint. Please do not request pictures of the exact item being sold.
All B-Stock pedals are 100% returnable, and carry the same lifetime warranty as all Wren and Cuff pedals.